Thursday, 17 July 2008

to start off with

Well, if so many of my friends have technical blogs, then it's maybe time for me as well... Maybe it will work, maybe it will die a fiery death (or more like it a very quiet and frozen-to-silence one). But never going to know unless I give it a try.

Not that I wouldn't have anythings to say. Loads of technologies I'm interested in... Linux, OpenStreetMap, Openmoko, XFCE, EeePC, GPS, Wikipedia... Oh, so much more.... And don't get me started on old computer games.... Mmm the sweetness of accomplished levels in Commander Keen 4 are truly comparable to finished subroutines in a homebrewed software....

Anyway, I'm just going to get my Openmoko in a week or so, that's why I started to write this. It's out for a few weeks (maybe two?) now, and I still couldn't find any proper usability review. I don't care much about the "this is how the box looks, now booting, look: pretty, it's this big, kthxbye..." sort of reviews... Want something that is useful to tell people what does it feel like, how does it behave, what is it like to use it every day as people would use it, and so on... And if I couldn't find a review that I want, better write it myself. And hope it won't suck.... ;)

Well, still a bit of waiting for that, though, and lots of technology to do in the meantime... ;)
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